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DLF360 Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker
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  DLF Series residual current circuit breaker is applying to the circuit of AC 50/60Hz, for industrial and enterprise,building trade,commerce and family.To mainly prevent electric fire and presonal casualty accident caused by personal electric shock or leakage of electric wire netting,this RCCB is a current-operated, fast leakage protector of oure electrcomagnetic type, with can berak off fault circuit rapidly in order to avoid occurrence of accident.The item is precise in structure ,less elements, without auxilliary power and high owrding reliability.The function of the switch won’t be influenced by ambient temperature and lighting.The mutal inductor of the item is used to test vector differential value of passing current,and produces a relevant output power and add it to the tripper in secondary widing,if the current of vector differential value of prodected circuit of presonal electric shock is up to or over leakage operating current, the reipper will act and cut off so as that the item will take effect of protection. It is CB approved.
Technical specification
Poles 2P,4P
Rated voltage(Un) AC 50Hz 2P 240V,4P 240V/415V
Rated current(In) 16,25,40,63A
Rated shor -citcuit break capcaity(Inc) 6kA
Leakage motion current (I △ n) 30,100,300mA
Leakage dead current (I △ no) I △ no=0.51I △n
Mounting Dimensions
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